App broken on Fire Tablets

The drop-downs are broken in the app on Fire tablets.
They do not work on either of my Fire HD 10 tablets.
All system updates had already been applied.
The Woot app is up to date.
Rebooted device.
The drop-downs work for the same exact items on my phone.

Hi there. Thank you for the feedback. Let me check in with our developers.

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Any ETA on when the drop-downs will in the app on Fire tablets will be fixed?

Not sure. I’m asking.

Hi there. A question from the developers.

Could you further describe what/how it doesn’t work?

Also does the quantity drop down work?

Is it that some are sold out but not showing grayed out?

Also could you give the Fire OS version?

When I clicked on the dropdown nothing happened.
No the items are not sold out.
I was able to click on the same exact drop-downs for the same exact items in the app on my phone.
Tablet 1 Fire HD 10
OS (659656820) installed 01/11/21 11:40 PM
Updates last checked 01/26/21 7:04 PM

Tablet 2 Fire HD 10
OS (626547120) installed 01/15/21 4:11 AM
Updates last checked 01/26/21 8:15 PM

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I just checked tablet 1 again and the drop-downs still do not work.
The drop-downs work for the same exact item on my phone.
I checked for system and app updates.

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Hi there. Sorry for the delay. This should be fixed. You may have to tap on the drop down twice though. You may need to restart the app a couple times to force the update.

@ThunderThighs ,
The drop-downs now work in the app on my tablet!
Thank you for working with the Developers to resolve this just in time for those of us in the Amazon ecosystem to use our Amazon Fire :fire: tablets on the 1st day of Woot’s Amazon Prime appreciation week!
Woot! Woot!