App Indicators


The “9000” app should be “9001” it’s supposed to be over 9000

Besides This Is Spinal Tap, what does the volume knob pointing to eleven mean? A reference to Stranger Things?

I know all but two. What does the 9000 mean, and wht does the 1 mean? Thank you!

I like that I get all of them and the fact the nerd phone has no messages.
I appreciate the realism.

Goku over 9000 (I know) and One Punch Man (I assume).

Not sure I got them all correct, but here’s how I read them…

1 = “The first rule of fight club…”
I probably got this wrong…

42 = “The answer to the ultimate question”
Hitchikers’ Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

3.14 = PIE

11 = not sure… couple of options

9000 = I’ll go with the previous post of “Goku over 9000”

5 = “How many lights are there Captain?”
Star Trek the Next Generation (Jon Luc Picard was being brainwashed by a Romulan)

1701 = Starship Enterprise registration number

88 = How fast you must be going for the flux capacitor to kick in
Back to the Future movie

I love the previous post indicating the mail icon shows no email!

1 is One Punch Man, anime show.

Picard was technically captured by Cardassians :slight_smile:

Are there really 2 Star Trek references in this shirt? I’m not entirely sold on the 4 lights due to the over-representation.

The indicator # maxes out at 9000.

Only Spinal Tap. The only one that has a double meaning is the Picard one for obvious reasons.

Thanks. I’m glad someone caught the significance of that.

Hey, I like Star Trek, ok? :slight_smile: