App Only Woot OMG Deal 12/21/18

I am a script on the largest computer in the universe.

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That does explain a lot, my feathered friend.

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Wow… So basically I paid retail price for unknown item. Cool. Never again.

I reckon this was the problem:

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I like the idea, but this offering seemed lackluster.

Look at this page:

The URL mentions CAH, but the product name it references at the top of the page is the hammock.

And if you click the product name to go to the product page, reviews and Q&As are about a jacket…


Yeah… Makes me wonder if woot was looking at the price of the wrong product when they said it was currently selling for over $19.94 on Amazon.


I’m still trying to find an authentic page on Amazon where the product name, product image, product description, and product reviews are ALL DIRECTLY connected to this expansion pack.

And as you mentioned, the Blue Box page does not count, since it is the 4th, 5th, and 6th expansion packs.

(That box is going for $20 + tax, which means each pack would be $6.66 + tax.)


So in the description it says it has a color. Didn’t see any colors on the cards and the price point doesn’t add up… hmmm something fishy going on here TT!

Technically, white and black ARE colors…

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Probably won’t be able to use hammocks much, but I want to make sure I’m getting what I paid for.

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The fifth expansion is about $20, but that is presumably newer and in higher demand. eBay seems to think this one is worth only $10.

Yea this is prob one of the most debated issues about color.

Agreed. You can buy fourth expansion for the same price on eBay and I don’t even see the fourth edition on amazon like stated in the deal.

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I opened a ticket about this.

I don’t expect a response right away though.

Oh well, since I have nothing going on on Tuesday (aside from work), I could grumble about this issue.:upside_down_face:

I could have gotten this for even cheaper than the $9.99 listing on eBay, since I got a $5 voucher for an item which instead of going from PA to NY, ended up in California, and took an additional week to get to me.


OMG! Was that an incredibly stinker of a deal I got for my hard earned money. Thanks Woot!

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It’s currently on sale for over $19.94 on That’s $3 more than $16.94.

I can not find this anywhere on Amazon, only E-Bay for a much lower price.


And you can always print your own for free.


Received mine today as exactly described in previous post… Packing slip different than product. Product does not meet even the vague hints on the OMG deal. Recommend this topic be moved to the Shenanigans category. Not a huge deal, just a little disappointing.

Just to add to the confusion:


You friggin need the main pack to even use the expansion packs. Worthless unless you buy something else. How is that a good mystery deal? Woot really ruined Xmas this time.