App/pear-ances Can Be Deceiving

Is the correct answer “I like fat. Fat looks good on you.”?

Neither thanks.

Dear FlyingMouse365,
How are the durians in KL?

Well, at least we’re not trying to compare apples and oranges, becuase that’s just not allowed.

How do you like them apples?!

Sorry… I couldn’t help myself…

Ha! Very cute:)

Where can I go to buy one of these shirts?

Hmmm. Pear shaped or apple shaped. Not sure either one is an improvement over the other…I suppose the idea is that everyone just wants to be what they’re not?

Let’s be honest. People dont typically see themselves as slimmer in the mirror. The pear should be looking sadly at the reflection of the apple. But then again reality doesnt sell shirts so good call!

This shirt is so cute I could just eat it up!

This is really cute. It says to wear this shirt when you’re feeling a little short. I’m 5’1 3/4". I’m always a little short!! :stuck_out_tongue:

she got them apple bottom jeans

A pair of what?

It’s like comparing Apples to Apples…oh I mean pears.

Can someone please tell me is WM size Women’s medium? Just making sure its not Wide Medium

Thanks for the info

All discussion of preferred body type aside, the questions in today’s writeup are things that I think about all the time as someone with a non-standard gender identity.

Awesome flavor text today, Woot. As a fruit, I thank you.

All the W sizes are womens and M are mens.

WM is Women’s Medium.

It also means Wombat Medicine, Workout Motif and Wonderfully Mediocre.

WM = Woot Monkey!

On a more serious note, just remember to check the sizing charts before ordering!

Ah yeah. That would be awesome to get a Woot Monkey instead of a Women’s Medium! :smiley: lol