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All of these Fila shirts run small. Order at least one size larger.

I bought these last time they were on here and love them. Great shoes!

When I ordered a fila polo (different design), it ran large. Very large!

The Hot Chillys are AWESOME! Warm, comfortable and flattering.
I bought a pair last time they were on. Was hoping to order another color though :frowning:
Might still order a second

So they’re more of a yoga pant than tights? (If so, a man probably “titled” them) I always thought tights and pantyhose were pretty much the same thing.

What are these board shorts like? I want some, but they seem like they’d be pretty short (above the knees).

I would buy the shoes, but I have 5 toes… :confused:

Was going to buy shoes, thanks for pointing out the species incompatibility.

I have those toe shoes, from the last purchase… they are fantastic. Your smallest toe and the toe next to it go together in the fourth “toe” pocket. They are very lightweight and comfortable. I am debating picking up a back-up pair.

Can anyone please give me feedback on these pants? Thanks so much!

Please get DC Men’s Rob Dyrdek Flawless Shoes in size 11/12s. I think I may have missed them last time they were here.