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Does anyone know the difference between the Descent Jackets here and the Ascent Jackets sold back in December?

they’re both soft shell jackets, just a style difference. The ascent has zippered pocket on each hip and a small zipper pocket on the left arm, the decent has “normal” pockets at the hip and a zippered left chest pocket.

In case you also wanted to know, the “bonded” portion is that it’s a soft shell outer jacket (usually at least 80% polyester and some spandex for flex) attached (bonded) to a fleece liner.

Also, the Descent jacket has a wind flap under the zipper which the Ascent jacket does not and the Ascent jacket has a drawstring at the bottom which the Descent does not have.
Other than that and the pockets they are very much alike.

Also one had Raglan sleeves and the other regular sleeves with a shoulder seam. Forget which was which though.

The Descent has the regular sleeves, The Ascent has the raglan sleeves.

I picked up one of the Descent jackets a few weeks ago.

It would be nice if there were more than sizes 6-7 in sneakers.

Sorry. As the title implies, we’re selling off remaining stock in some items.

Is there info anywhere on sizing for the kids’ shorts?

We have more forum knowledge about those jackets than should be considered acceptable in a public place.

Sizes for the standard drawstring shorts, from a website where they don’t love their customers as much as woot! does: XXS (3/4), XS (5/6), S (7/8), M (9/10), L (11/12) and XL (13/14)

This jacket does not seem that well-made. The seams at the wrists are coming undone, and the zipper is having problems. At less than a year of having this product that seems pretty poor.