No, it’s not electric or glow in the dark.

well that is handy.

I like the color, but i want to show my beer gut.

Cool shirt-- but how embarrassed will you be when the batteries die in front of the whole class!

Lets hope whoever buys this isn’t running a 64 bit torso, or else the shirt probably won’t work.

-grumble grumble Epson grumble-

Naked mode is the stuff nightmares are made of.

I wonder about the status of other coverings…

wish they could’ve used a different pixel font though…

so, does this actually light up or does it just make people think yo are too cheap for one of those actual LED midriff baring numbers.

P.S Install hydraulics and then you can switch the sign to off automatically.

Error 404: Pants Not Found

So you can update your facebook status and now your shirt status. Hmmmm…whats next???

Woot, you’re really coming along in your inks. First glow in the dark, and now an LED ink that switches from “ON” when it senses a heartbeat to “OFF” when it doesn’t. I’m proud of you guys.

This shirt makes your average Twitter feed look deep and insightful.

So the top is covered, but where are the stats to let us know their pants are on?

There are a lot of guys out there that need that specific warning. “Warning: Your pants are on the ground!”

Mod: Big gif is big. Linked instead.

Is this touch screen?

It just seems to be trying too hard…

I’m waiting for a quality post that says “Diuy will be sorely disappointed.”

[MOD: SNAP! And I didn’t even read this post until afterwards. //high five]

I’d recommend this song for such a shirt.

I think this is going to be one for her…

so in for 1 then.