Apple 1-Meter USB to Lighting Cable 3-Pack

Is this a good price? My wife and kids could use these, but I am anti-apple.

Get the Amazon Basics style. The Apple ones are junk.

Have you had a bad personal experience with the apple made lightning connector? I’ve found them more reliable than others.

I’m pretty sure you have that backwards. The non-Apple ones are Chinese knock-off junk that run hot due to poor engineering and burn out in 1-2 months. Ask me how I know. The Apple ones are to spec and last for almost ever unless you pinch/cut them.

I’ve had no issues with the Amazon brand. The insulation near the connector wears out on all of my Apple cords. Amazon brand appears to be thicker and I have been using for six months and still look brand new.

Okay, now I’m really confused. is it the Apple or the Amazon that are the best?
Are these Apple certified? Can anyone use the word “Apple” in a sentence? Like, can I say, I have some “Apple” cables for sale. Even though they may not be made or sold by Apple Incorporated?

Yes this is a good price… at the Apple store 1 cable is $19.99.

Yes, these are produced by Apple, otherwise, it would say Apple compatible.

I agree completely. Every time I purchase a knock off they NEVER last!! I wasted so much money on NON apple cords and plugs. Never again. It’s worth paying whatever for the real Apple product.