Apple 10.2" iPad 7 128GB Wi-Fi + 4G Unlocked

Apple 10.2" iPad 7 128GB Wi-Fi + 4G Unlocked

Hi team Woot. Is this device the 7th gen iPad as it says in the title? Or is it for an older model? The description says the screen size is 9.7in. And if there is a tempered glass screen protector installed, what is the ‘Grade B’ rating referring to? Kinda pointless to have a screen protector installed if the quality of the screen is ‘Grade B’ wouldn’t you think…? Is it one of those “there’s a large back log of inventory from Amazonian so the Woots are just helping clean up shop and Woot don’t have eyes on the devices” type deal…? Thanks, sorry for the bombardment of questions.

Hi there. It’s the 10.2" 7th generation. We fixed the other size callout.

Grade A is like new.
Grade B will show some wear and use. The screen may have minor scratches but nothing that prohibits use.

Often the screen protectors help hide scratches. Not sure though.

Ah, ok cool. I really just wanted to double check in case I ended up purchasing. Thanks for confirming.