Apple 10.2" iPad 7 (2019) Your Choice (S&D)

Apple 10.2" iPad 7 (2019) Your Choice (S&D)

$50 more for a scratch and dent with 90 day warranty vs a Apple Certified refurb with one year & Apple Care available? Geesh…

They’re out of stock.

Why would anyone buy a used scratched-and-dented previous generation iPad for $329.99 here when you can buy a new current-generation iPad with full warranty and a great return policy for only $329? (Even less if you catch them on sale.)

Is the Woot mystique really worth that extra 99 cents?

I’ve NEVER understood your pricing on iPads.

They’re out of stock?

Same-day delivery from Apple, two days from Best Buy. And the price is $299 from Amazon, but not available until April.

It’s easy to have the lowest price when you don’t have any to sell.



BestBuy doesn’t show out of stock for 8th gen 32 GB Wifi model.

I was looking at the 7th gen like the one we’re selling.

Why would you want an inferior earlier product? That was my whole point… Well, that and the price. :wink:

This seems like Mortimer had his hands in this or maybe a Woot executive that has his wife buy the kids Christmas gifts and has no real concept of what a new iPad cost.