Apple 10.2" iPad 7 (2019) Your Choice (S&D)

Apple 10.2" iPad 7 (2019) Your Choice (S&D)

Note, spec wise, size wise, this iPad 7 and latest current iPad 8 are identical. Except the cpu took a double jump from the A10 to the A12 for the iPad 8. That cpu difference typically means two more iPadOS version updates before Apple stops updating.

Compared to this iPad 7 at $280, the frequent street (sale) price for the iPad 8 is $299 (1-year Apple warranty and fresh battery vs this 90-day Woot warranty).

Side note: for most mainstream users, the regular iPad makes a lot more financial sense vs. the twice the price iPad Air or triple price iPad Pro.


I agree. This is not a good deal.

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If you’re lucky enough to have a Microcenter nearby, the iPad 8 is $290, new, in store. And ours has plenty in stock.