Apple 10W USB Adapter & Lighting Cable Bundle

Is this an actual genuine Apple product or a knock-off?

USB to Lighting, eh? I had no idea Apple had branched out to home decor.

These are Apple product with an Apple warranty. They are bulk packaged, not retail pack.

I have purchased these before. Listed as genuine Apple product, however, when mine stopped working after 2-weeks, I called Apple for a replacement. Their response - unless you purchased it here, we do not honor the warranty - we do not sell to after markets, we do not sell to Woot.

I just contacted costumer service and I’m waiting for a response. I’ve been reading too many different answers. Are these made by Apple? Or are they “off brand”? I’d really like to know before the time runs out!

I received my adapters and they look genuine to me… with the apple logo, etc.

My power adapters do not have the Apple logo, but they do have that film that Apple uses to package them.