Apple 10W USB Plug & Lightning Cable Bundle

it this iphone6 compatible?

Apple cables historically suck (durability issues where the cable enters the connectors). But at least they work initially and for about a year since these are authentic Apple products, right Woot? (No MFi certification issues, right?)

These are genuine Apple product in bulk (not retail) packaging.

I now understand why these power adapters might be sold cheaper - with the release of the iPad Pro which requires a 12 watt adapter, Apple appears to have stopped selling this 10 watt version in order to standardize. (I believe this 10 watter should work fine for the other iOS apple devices tho.)

But aren’t most apple warranties for 1 year? If this is authentic Apple, why the brief warranty - and how will Apple distinguish/honor it?:

Thanks TT - note the question below (now above) I wrote as you answered…

$17.99 at Groupon + $3.99 shipping.

But strangely Groupon’s includes a full 1-year Apple warranty vs 90 days from Woot.

On the fence about these - perhaps there’s something odd about the Woot versions from Apple’s perspective?

Do you have a link for the Groupon deal you’re looking at?

Here you go…

In fact, if you go to the main Groupon page and search on “Apple chargers” you’ll find they are selling all types of iOS device Apple chargers including the 5, 10, and 12 watt (can handle the new iPad Pro) varieties for similar savings, all with 1-year Apple warranties.