Apple 11" 2012 i5 64GB MacBook Air (S&D)

Apple 11" 2012 i5 64GB MacBook Air (S&D)

Could I use this instead of an IPad to run apps? Is there a way to run this to an HDMI port on a TV?

Only “Apps” that can run on macOS 10.7(x) would work, usually there is a separate download. Check the sites of the apps you are looking to use. Then again, I remembered something about this… iOS apps will run on macOS with Project Catalyst | TechCrunch.

The Thunderbolt port is the video output. There are plenty of adapters to HDMI out there:

This unit should be able to run Mojave, so most current macOS apps should run. It’s a mystery why it’s shipping with Lion.

The OP seems to be asking if it can run iPad apps.

No - although many app developer do write for both platforms.

This laptop is 7 years old +/-. Looks like battery can be easily replaced. I’m mainly a Windows person, but the size/weight looks great for travel.

Any comments on whether this is a good deal, etc.?

It looks like starting with macOS Catalina this Fall… "that iOS apps will run on macOS, starting with the next major release of macOS this fall — macOS Catalina. Third-party developers will be able to release their iOS apps on the Mac starting this fall.

This might seem like a small change, but it requires a ton of radical changes behind the scene. Last year, Apple teased this move by porting Voice Memos, Apple News, Stocks and Home to macOS.

Screen Time is coming to the Mac, as well as the new iOS 13 features, such as the new photo gallery, folders in Notes, a redesigned Reminders app.

And yes, Apple is using Project Catalyst for those apps. That project is what you may already know under Apple’s internal codename Marzipan.

Catalyst is available to developers today with the first beta version of macOS Catalina. Chances are many developers will play with the feature this summer.

Gameloft, Twitter and Atlassian have already ported apps to macOS. Yes, there will be a native Twitter app available to download for the next version of macOS. And developers will be able to ship iOS apps as soon as this fall when users update to macOS Catalina." iOS apps will run on macOS with Project Catalyst | TechCrunch

It’s low-end all around – only 4 GB RAM, only 64GB SSD. My girlfriend had one of these and it was really fast and nice for light use. But I am not sure I would spend the $$ for this one unless my needs were very modest.

Yes, of course.

But none of this is relevant to this computer, which likely won’t be able to run Catalina, or specifically to this deal, which ships with Lion, of all things.

Also – it’s not as though existing iOS apps will suddenly be able to be installed on Catalina – Catalyst is an entirely new development platform and only iOS apps that are rewritten on it will be able to be used on the macOS.

iFixit has instructions for battery replacement; they list the task as of “Moderate” difficulty.

We have one that we keep around of occasional use. It’s very small and light and while it’s low-powered, it’s perfect for web browsing, email, and using RDP to access my work computer when necessary. All-in-all a great “extra” laptop to have around.