Apple 11.6" 256GB Macbook Air (Early 2015)

Cheaper than Apple’s Outlet.
Though, if you don’t need the new touchpad technology, theres a cheaper one with same specs for last years’s model.

also, the air’s… avoid… unless all you do is extremely light computing, and I would hope that if you do extremely light computing, that you aren’t buying a $1000 laptop.

I reluctantly have a small mix of Macs in with my all-Dell fleet at work. We don’t allow the users to request Air’s anymore, and instead only allow Macbook Pros. Reason being, the Pro’s are much faster for the same-ish price, have more ports, aren’t really that much larger or heavier (they are still considered ultrabook class) and much more going for the Pros over the Airs. The air’s that we have, nobody wants them and I can’t issue them to anyone. They have become loaners for the most part.
As with any ultra-thin-and-rediculously-light notebooks, you will have this issue (for instance I have the Asus Zenbook myself since I can’t stand Macs)… but it’s the same concept. Slow, can’t upgrade anything, limited ports, etc. At least I paid $500 for my Zenbook vs $1000 for the exact same spec Air.

Just consider the cost vs what you’re actually getting in the air model before buying and either 1 - look at a way cheaper windows based computer, $500 or less will get you the same computing experience. or 2 - if you must go mac, spend just a teeny bit more (or check the Apple Outlet) and for the same price as new, you can get an Apple refurbished 13" Macbook Pro that will be lightyears better than the Air.