Apple 11.6" Dual-Core i5 MacBook Air

Was this the same one that was listed a few days ago on woot?

If I needed one I would buy it. A tablet with a keyboard, mouse built in for the price of an iPad 3, thou no 4g.

Looks familiar…

Funny enough, just 20 off the same exact one listed on Amazon.

Yeah this was just up… see link above you.

Hehe, they don’t even try anymore. Nice one, Amazon.

and yet here we are looking at the page again… it’s like crack, you know it’s bad, but you can’t stop…

At 10:12 PST Apple is buying it’s own product

Tim Cook: “Wow, that’s cheaper than the company discount!”

Reasonably impressed with the performance of this model. I benchmarked this, a MacBook Pro, and an iMac at Fry’s the other day with iBench.

Air: 4.4
iMac: 4.9
Macbook: 5.1

Bottom line you’re not taking a big performance hit (15% max) for a low-power, highly mobile laptop.

Bigger thing to be wary of is memory and solid state drive capacity vs. your needs.

To anyone who bought this when it was on

how do you like it? Was it worth it?

pathetic that Apple sells this very same model for less $$

come one W00t… you were cool once.

Is this Mac compatible?

In case you’re concerned, this computer woots just fine; I’m typing this review on this model (a mid-2011 MacBook Air 11). :slight_smile:

I have 4GB RAM, which may make a difference compared to the 2GB of this model, but I’ve never had difficulty running anything that I’ve wanted to run on the Air, including processor-intensive statistical programs. It is an absolute dream to carry around - it’s hard to understand how light it is until you hold it. I typically get around six hours of battery life with a combination of word processing/internet/stat package (although much less if I’m streaming video), so I rarely need to carry the power cord.

My only complaint is that after using this as my only computer for a year, prior neck problems flared up; the screen really is fairly tiny. This is great for travel and portability, but if you’re using this as your only laptop, you might want to get an external monitor; I finally did and it’s made a huge difference.

That one is a refub; woot is selling it new.

Same thing, different box.

So a netbook is $200-$300.
Place apple brand and now its $780?

Seems to have similar size and low specs as something comparable in other brands.


I have this model in the 13 inch version…If you do not need memory and storage capacity and are doing normal tasks…AKA…(no gaming etc)…

This is simply the best notebook in the world.

You know how you can tell that…The Windows side of the house decided to establish a whole new line of products called the Ultrabook…

So they could not compete…

Enough said…

The only issues I have is the WIFI needs to be rebooted on occasion and the charger is a little “quirky” at times…Nothing that is more than inconvenient…

You’re compairing apples (hehe) to oranges, small does not equal netbook.

and comparing it to a PC isn’t really fair either as they’re not really the same. Given a comparable/near identical spec. windows machine, if you installed windows on the Mac it would run faster. not to say that all Macs run windows faster though.

Windows vs. Mac machines will always be a topic of intense debate, but what isn’t debatable is that this isn’t the same as a netbook, no comparison.

I will quote myself for those that weren’t here last time when others “poopooed” the SSD capacity. (seriously, even if you bought a windows machine, you would still spend extra on upgrades at some point. Don’t deny it…)

Edit: FYI… OWC is a legit apple aftermarket company, they make high quality, well tested parts and have fantastic customer service. for what it’s worth, I buy from them…

…And still no Samsung Series 7. sigh