Apple 11.6" Dual-Core i5 MacBook Air

I realize this may be debatable to you but…

your Series 7 only shows one modle on the samsung site and on sale it’s only 100$ less than the Macbook Air equivalent. except the Air has higher quality physical hardware and is thinner, and also runs windows…

First: $200 cheaper that Samsung would be.
Indeed though, except for the processor, memory, and stuff you will use daily, the Apple has better hardware… oh, hold on… No… no. Oh I see, the keyboard is back-lit. Well now I see what you are talking about. :slight_smile: Also the one you linked has 128 WHOLE Gigs of SSD space, and the Samsung comes with a lousy 1 TB of reliable hdd (but much, much slower than an SSD will ever be). And it might be thinner, but does that honestly matter? If it is that important to be able to use it one-handed, get a tablet. If it is on the desk, who cares?

As for the one actually offered today, I honestly don’t get how this might be a good deal. The specs on this thing, in today’s world, will leave this as a net/word processing machine. Granted the set-up with an external monitor relates to an awesome display by specs, but if you have an external monitor hanging around, you don’t need a low power, thin-crisp machine since you most likely have it docked. So I honestly do not get the niche this is in.

Too small and limited by specs to be a gaming machine, too expensive to be a net-book.

except warranty

Ah the eternal Mac vs. Windows debate. Listen, the ultimate question when considering this machine is its usefulness.

  • Do you know how to use OS X or do you mind learning?
  • If no to the above, do you mind shelling out some more cash for Windows?
  • Do you mind lugging around expansion peripherals?
  • Are the programs you want available for it?
  • Can you sacrifice a spinning hard drive’s capacity for a solid state’s speed?
  • Do you want to play a video game?
  • Do you want to use creative suite and its ilk of design programs?
  • Can you sacrifice almost all laptop’s ports for mobility?

The easiest way to consider the air is as an in-between-machine. This is not a laptop. This is not a netbook. The air exists between the two, and if you are fine with such a design there is not anything better in the class. It is not a class I find useful in any which way for my uses, but yours may differ. Ignore the fruit logo and the pretty color. Once it is evaluated as a computer, each person should have no difficulty considering if the air is right for their individual lifestyle.

The battle will never end…

I still edit photos on Aperture 3 and Lightroom, edit full HD videos on Final Cut Pro all on a 2006 MacBook. I would find it hard to believe a stock PC (plus Ram upgrades like mine) could do that. I’d actually be surprised if a PC from 06 could even boot up.

I can’t break it down in numbers, I’m not an egg head, but what I do know is my brand new pc at work crashes monthly doing Microsoft office tasks and my MacBook is still kicking ass daily. I can’t explain why macs can handle so much on such little specs, but they do.

Ima go take another shot.

People still buy Apple Products?

Yes,like crazy!

I don’t know what to tell ya, bro. You just must have been unfortunate enough to use some bad PC machines. My PCs have been kicking butt for years, including an HP laptop from 2001 that still runs like a tiger, and which can still easily run hogs like Photoshop and even some music production without much problem. Meanwhile, I have friends that have gone through hell with their Macs. In the end, computers can sometimes be super reliable or a pain in the butt, and in my experience it doesn’t matter what logo is on it. In my line of work, I use both PC and Mac machines frequently.

No,one is new the other is not.
Better have someone go with you next time you buy a new car :wink:

Interesting fact: “refurbished” tech usually requires more quality control checks than so-called “new” products. For all practical purposes, it’s new. If it was listed as something like “scratch and dent,” that would be a different story. With a company like Apple, I wouldn’t worry about buying something labeled refurbished.

Woot is an Amazon Company…

You can buy this but for the extra cash I would buy the Ivy Bridge version new. Also Apple is going to be releasing a retina version of this Macbook Air very shortly and it might be worth the wait.

Ivy Bridge will increase the computers battery life as well as much better graphics. The graphics can even push gaming.

Besides the fact that some users may not good at linux commands (and that’s what OS X has an advantage in), I don’t see the big plus for getting an Apple laptop. Bottom line is, if your budget is limited, then you can use the exact same price for this 11.6" macbook air with 2GB Ram + 64GB SSD for an ultrabook that also runs in 2nd gen i5, 13.3", 4GB ram and 256GB SSD – that’s exactly what I did last week, when I wanted to buy this macbook air.

I pay more attention to the specs rather than the name of Apple.

??? That link is for a refurb. This SAYS it’s “NEW”. Hmmmm

Interesting entry. I evaluated getting the 11" AirBook versus the iPad when at the Apple store. My goal: LIGHTWEIGHT and dependable connectivity for travel. It was a tough call (primarily because of the aailable keyboard) but I ended up with a 64G iPad AT&T version with 3G that I have never regretted ( except the 64G was WAY overkill/unnecessary). I don’t think the AirBook comes with 3G so I would be dependent on WiFi and that is not good enough for me. I know a tech guru who travels hard, and has his AirBook rigged to do ANYTHING a Linux, Mac, or PC can accomplish. The hinge broke after 2 years and Apple had him mail it from London and was replaced and bak into his hands in about 3 days total downtime. Not bad.

The 2GB kills this, IMO. I’ve got the 2011 13" and love it, and this has the same speed, and while you can add external storage and while the screen is fantastic on this one as well, that 2GB is chokingly small. Will it run? Sure. But it won’t multitask well, and you’ll use more of the precious 64GB SSD for virtual memory than you’d want. For light use and travel, this will suffice, but 4GB/128GB is well worth the price.

Regarding Apple/OS X vs Whatever/Windows: like what you like. There’s no reason to hate on the others. Not everyone measures everything the same way. Nor should they. Typically people who are actually familiar with both can see the advantages of each and don’t feel the need to be a 12 year old and mock what other people prefer.

Keep in mind this is the previous generation Air. It has a slightly slower processor and HD3000 integrated graphics, which the latest generation has HD4000 which is a world of difference.

I have a MBA with the HD3000 and it’s fine for most people. If I were buying a new one, I would spend the extra $200 HD4000 directly from apple. I also think it’s a little shady that woot (amazon) is calling it $200 off list price, since apple isn’t even selling that model anymore and is charging $999 for a superior model to this “deal”.

I won an ebay item for $590 for the older (core 2 duo) version recently and I’m really having second thoughts about that :frowning:

anyway, it’s just for emergency use for when I’m out and in need of a real computer…I think that would work for me…

It’s not debatable. I’ve messed with Macs enough to know I don’t like 'em… I’ve just been stalking Woot for the last month hoping to see something close to what I want, and sounding off snarkily 'cause that’s what Wooters so often do…

Besides, if we were to find an equivalent Samsung to this Apple, it would be this one, maybe, which has better specs AND still comes out $30 cheaper direct from the mfg.

This computer is my day to day work computer. I have to travel a fair amount and it makes me VERY happy. I can open and use it on an airplane tray table.

Downside, I have 4 gig of ram rather than 2 - so I would be concerned about that. It’s not an easy “add on” - and two… the monitor is small. In the office I have it hooked to a 21 inch external and that takes care of that problem.

I run both Mac OS and Windows using VM Fusion.

All in all, this is my favorite computer since the Powerbook 2400c.