Apple 11.6" Dual-Core i5 MacBook Air



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Apple 11.6" Dual-Core i5 MacBook Air
$759.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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Does anyone know if this will work with an apple II?


Looks like this is last year’s model, as the current 11.6" Macbook Air model has USB3 and a 1.7GHz i5 processor.


Will it work with a M…oh wait


If I get this computer, should I shell out $30 and upgrade to Mountain Lion? What are the costs/benefits of the upgrade? (I don’t have in iPhone)


I would not have upgraded to ML on its .0 release (like they say, never buy .0 of anything), but 10.8.2 has apparently fixed some of the nagging early problems like poor battery life. I’m now looking at finally upgrading my MacBook Pro to it.

As far as what is in the upgrade, here is a very detailed review:


Not bad. I imagine I can live without an Ethernet port.


I was just telling hubby that if Apple comps were easy to use like the iphone i’d love to try one out. Hmmm is this worthwhile or still too much money? love the whole ieasy thing. Lot’s of ihaters, i know but maybe they don’t understand we, the technotards!


See? I have no clue wtf an ethernet port is or does!


Almost clicked buy but it is a 2gb RAM macbook air, RAM is not upgrade able in the macbook air.


Actually, Mountain Lion is only $20. See


You’ve heard of google, I imagine.


Something something… apple refurb store has same model for less.


I upgraded to Mountain Lion on Day 1 - on the same Macbook Air (mid-2011) that woot is offering today - and have had no problems. I really like Reminders and the voice recognition software, although I dislike that I need to be connected to the internet to use it.

Lots of comments from the first time this was offered, some helpful, some… anti-Apple?

I adore my Macbook Air (mid-2011). It’s an absolute dream to carry around - it’s hard to understand how light it is until you hold it. I typically get around six hours of battery life with a combination of word processing/internet/stat package (although much less if I’m streaming video), so I rarely need to carry the power cord.

My only complaint is that after using this as my only computer for a year, prior neck problems flared up; the screen really is fairly tiny. This is great for travel and portability, but if you’re using this as your only laptop, you might want to get an external monitor and keyboard; I finally did and it’s made a huge difference.

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FYI for comparison: This Woot is new, there is a previous gen refurb with twice the RAM and SSD at the Apple refurb site for $10 more. They also have a current gen refurb with similar specs for $10 less.
Apple refurb site

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Yes! They have maps! But seeing as I don’t know about ethernet chances are pretty good that I don’t need one. My response is only because of my previous post about being a technotard. Never mind. I too enjoy snarkism!


Ethernet is used for a wired connection between your modem or router and your computer (or other wired device). It is more reliable than wireless connection, and speeds tend to be better in terms of downloading and uploading. The main downside is being stuck in a certain area around where the cord is and its length.

I personally prefer a wired connection whenever possible, but I am not going to drag an ethernet cord into Starbucks or something.

Interesting article can be found here:


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