Apple 11.6" Dual-Core i5 MacBook Air


Thanks for explaining that! As long as it has internet I guess I’m good. I just dabble on non-work things like pogo game sites, facebook. I’m probably good. Don’t edit video or anything serious. Just an old house wife. Oh what to do, what to do…


Most people don’t need an Ethernet port because wireless is usually faster than your home connection to the Internet.

I use Gigabit Ethernet to move/back up large files between machines on my home & office network. This is many times faster than wireless, and for the large photo/video files I use it is worth it.

The older MacBook Airs use a slow 100Gpbs Ethernet adapter. The current MacBook Airs can now achieve Gigabit Ethernet with the current Thunderbolt port adapter.


Ok, so you seem kinda nice, I’m going out on a limb here by asking a dumb question. Are you on a Mac? If so can you play games on Pogo? I don’t understand the whole “flash” thing.


Hmm… only $748.99 from MacMall.


dammit! i asked my ownself a question…


I played with one at a store and it is a very nice little notebook for everyday things and very portable but I don’t think I would want to work on it as a main computer unless I had a 27" display.


Yes, you can play Pogo on a Mac, or a PC, so long as you have Java installed. (If you have Java active, make sure you have an antivirus with real time protection. I suggest Microsoft Security Essentials on a PC.) I wouldnt suggest Linux for someone of your PC experience thought. If you are only trying to play Pogo and do Facebook and stuff of the sort, this may be a little overpriced for you, unless you want the Apple as a status symbol.


It’s not about the money, something very few seem to understand. The Macs regardless of which model you choose are far more intuitive (therefore “easy”) than their PC counterparts. I have yet found anyone who can place a dollar value on “easy”. I only know that whenever I have had to use a PC, it is like trying to write with my left hand and I am right handed - it just seems borderline fruitless! That said, much of what is considered “easy” is what one grew up with so if all you know are PC’s then there is a good chance you might feel awkward when you get your hands on a Mac. More people stay with a Mac once they try it. The “Air” has gotten really good reviews and is probably the biggest seller now. If you are really serious about this and if there is an Apple store near where you live, you might want to head to it tomorrow morning and look at a couple of the other models, the 13" MacBook Pro stands out. The larger screen might be worth the extra $150 - $200 plus you will have the added benefit of playing with all of the Mac computers for hours on end, asking the Mac folks all the questions you want until both their ears and yours turn blue. If if you don’t walk out of the store with a new laptop (or refurbished through the Apple website, or buy this computer online when you are at the Apple store - you will still get a great education on how the Apple side of computing works. Good luck, have fun and happy wooting!


If it was the model with 4 gigs of RAM, I’d bite in a heartbeat. But only 2 gigs and no easy way to upgrade? No thanks.


That’s a good point…2GB is very minimal for today’s OSs. And no way to upgrade it.


Apple uses ram far more efficiently than PC’s so for many the 2 gigs of ram might be fine. Just sayin.


Hope i’m not replying to myself again. But no… status is useless. nobody cares. it’s about ease of use. making it do things it can do w/o me asking… bob??? how do i…
it’s why i love my iphone. I can do what it can do all by myself and it’s a great feeling! People that can figure out all that on their own just don’t get people like me that are clueless about techie stuff. It’s a lot of money for sure. But it’s so much less than the new one i was eyeballing at best buy!


Well thank so much! you get it! that’s it! I’m scared to take the plunge. I only know pc. It’s very scary. All i know is I had mp3 players before ipods. i could NOT figure them out! I got an ipod and wow!!! it felt so good to know what i was doing.
I had the cell phones. My best was Rzer but I had to ask over and over… how do i get to? how do i make it?
I was first in line in '07! If that phone worked like that ipod, i need one!
Hubby called me nuts. laughed out loud literally.
WE have had every model of iphone since. I got an ipad. he got a diff one… big name, just can’t remember it. He now has an ipad. And that other big name was supposed to be easy as istuff. Guess not…
I think i will sleep on it. maybe it will sell out and i won’t have to jump tonite or even debate myself.
Thanks again for speaking to me and letting me know someone “gets” this! It was a xoom zoom grrrr a motorola thing!


I’m a Mac guy since forever so I know that’s at least partially true, but 2GB is still just not that much for 10.7/10.8. Might be OK for a Mac used for mostly email, web, and Facebook.

I will admit that having a fast SSD instead of a hard drive does minimize the delay when the 2GB limit forces virtual memory to swap to disk.


Good to know.


More than enough for most, especially when combined with the ssd drive. These things boot wicked quick and run great.


I mean it really depends on what you start with. I will admit that the Mac interface is probably more simple to use for new computer buyers, so maybe a mac is the way to go for you. I grew up with PC’s all my life, and I dig into the advanced and such, so Apple is like a 2nd language to me. Try them both out at a retail store (like best buy), and see which interface you like best.


That’s a great suggestion. I really need to stop being impulsive and think lol


I agree! You should sleep on this because frankly it is a decision you are going to have to live with for a couple of years - probably more! If you already own an iPhone I would suggest you are probably more than half way there as far what it is like behind the wheel of any of the Macs. Sometime when you have a half hour head over to an Apple store and just start playing with any of the laptops near the front of the store. They are there for that very purpose - for people to come in and touch them and see what happens. Within moments some guy or girl is going to ask you if you have any questions. You will, even if it is “How do I get this thing to work?” Trust me on this one, you will have more fun than seeing a therapist!


Can I do the same thing at a Best Buy? Not sure where the nearest Apple store is. I’d love to just play and see how it goes and if I can get comfy in a decent amount of time. If I am comfy, I will start saving up for a better one! May as well go big lol.
Thanks to ALL of you that helped talk me down tonite and gave me enough answers (mainly Pogo answers!) to know that a Mac will do what I need it to do, which isn’t much lol THANK YOU, Nob