Apple 11" iPad Pro 3rd Gen (2018) (Open Box)

Apple 11" iPad Pro 3rd Gen (2018) (Open Box)

The box I received is labeled 64 GB WiFi, not 1 TB WiFi + Cellular. I’ve put in a support ticket already.

Woot is offering me $130 back or a full return, despite the fact that they have a slightly-lower-end model-than-what-I-ordered in stock (open box, 512 GB, WiFi + Cellular).

And now they’ve initiated an RMA without me asking for that. A lower-end version of the same item I ordered (and higher-end than what I’ve received) in the same condition (Open box, refurb) are available to buy RIGHT NOW on woot.

@ThunderThighs , can you help? This is pretty ridiculous.

Lists an Apple iPad Pro (2018) 11" Tablet with 512 GB, Wi-Fi + Cellular, in Open Box condition. Why can’t they send me that instead of an RMA?

Hey there, thanks for inquiry on this. We usually can only do a replacement with the same item that was purchased if available. I know this is a different sort of circumstance, but I will reach out to the Customer Service team and see what the options are for this.


Thank you @manlapig, I have received a contact from “Jack” in my email, and the proposed solution satisfies me. I appreciate you escalating this to the Customer service team appropriately. I am still getting a pretty great deal on an item that meets my needs, if not the screamin’ deal on the overkill item.


The replacement item described above arrived today and I sent back the other one earlier this morning. Thank you for correcting the error and providing me with a quick resolution.

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