Apple 12.9" 2015 128GB iPad Pro (S&D)

Apple 12.9" 2015 128GB iPad Pro (S&D)

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Do these have original battery?

I have one of these from the launch year. Still a nice big iPad. I think the display is nice but apparently the newest one has an even better display (but at $1K retail.)
This 2015 model did get the iOS13 update (my iPad Air and Mini 2 did not) , though I think it will probably be the last one for the 1st-gen Pro (next year it hits the 5-year mark and Apple usually stops allowing updates past that.)

This is a lot of iPad for $344 or about 1/3 the price of the latest comparable version.

While it is the first gen iPad Pro and, since it was released at the end of 2015, is up to 4 years old, it has the A9X (X is the pro/graphics optimized variant) cpu.

The very latest 3rd gen iPad Pro 12.9 has the A12X cpu, three gens newer. I would bet this will get at least the next version iOS 14 since it was a top of the line cpu when it hit the market.

I hope you are right about carrying support for at least another year plus. As you say maybe they’ll give deference to the “Pro” series in this way.

Definitely a lot of iPad for the price. And the 128GB was the upgrade from the original minimum 32. Mine is a 32 and I don’t load a lot of apps or media, but 32 just isn’t enough. At the time the price premium was quite a bit extra for 128.

Would be buying this but recently Wooted a 2nd-gen Pro.

The batteries are tested and replaced if needed.

Returnable if it’s more S&Ded than I’m willing to accept?

Yes, of course. We have a 30-day return policy:

Where are the dents and scratches located on the item…show them please

Sorry, we don’t have a way to do that since they will vary from unit to unit.

Be aware since this uses A9X it’s susceptible to the Checkm8 boot ROM exploit… forever.

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Missed this one. Hope Woot posts more.

Posted! Only a few left!

Missed it again :frowning:

Wow, they sold out so fast. Is there a way to get a notification if you offer them again? Thanks!

No individual notification, but we have the Daily Digest which covers the items were selling and if you check every day you’ll never miss it. We do sell these items fairly regularly.