Apple 12.9" 2015 128GB iPad Pros (S&D)

Apple 12.9" 2015 128GB iPad Pros (S&D)

What is the model number for these?
What OS is installed, and what is the newest they support?
Has the battery been replaced?

The model numbers: A1584 on the WiFi only or A1652 on the iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular
OS: The OS currently installed varies from tablet to tablet, but iOS 12 is the newest it will support.
Battery: Batteries are checked and if in good condition, they will remain in the tablet. If they don’t pass our tests they will be replaced.

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It’s probably just me, but the price is very high for 5 year old technology, let alone scratch and dent merchandise.

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Apple also says it will be supported in iPad OS, coming this fall (presumably about the same time as iOS 13).

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Does this model support the pen?

It supports the 1st pen. Not the newest one.

Does anyone know if these “Scratch & Dent” have descriptions of the damage?
On some sites, they will give “Grades” to their refurbished products to inform you what you can expect. For example, I am not so concerned if there are some scratches on the back of the iPad, but a scratch on the glass is a major concern. Any help I would appreciate it, thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

It can vary from unit to unit. There’s really no way to tell you about a specific unit.

Thanks to you both.
iPad arrived and working well.
Nary a scratch on the glass, perhaps a little something around the home key that doesn’t matter.
Updated to 12.something.


Consider yourself lucky with yours. I just received mine and it’s in pretty bad shape. Back is all dented in and one of the corners is chipped. I expected used but not this bad.

If you’re unhappy with the item, contact Woot CS and they can assist you with a return within the 30-day return window…

Does the battery hold its juice? 9 hours?