Apple 12.9" Smart Cover iPad Pro

Apple 12.9" Smart Cover iPad Pro

cheaper in Amazon:

Well :poop:

We lowered our price. Buy ALL the smart covers!

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I am all for lowering the price! Yay! Would buy this but I only have 1 12.9" iPad and already have 1 thin Apple cover. The thin apple cover is great.

But at the moment that iPad is in a beefy rugged OtterBox. So the thin cover is sitting off on a shelf somewhere. The OtterBox doubles the thickness and weight so well, that’s not good.

Honestly for all these mega-tablets you have to pick try different things and pick what’s best for you. For easy-to-carry in a bag, the Apple thin cover is excellent. But of course on a big tablet like this it’s still a fairly massive thing to carry around, and I usually opted for a smaller iPad as an “everyday carry.”

This fit to 2nd gen pro 12.9?

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As noted in the title, it is for a 12.9" iPad Pro

Which one?

First Gen