Apple 12" Intel 256GB MacBooks (2017)

Apple 12" Intel 256GB MacBooks (2017)

Does this have the touch bar?

Hi there. I’m not an apple person. Is this what you mean (from the features):

The Force Touch trackpad. Press a little deeper, do a lot more.
The Force Touch trackpad may look like other trackpads on the surface, but underneath it’s unlike anything that’s existed before. Force sensors detect how much pressure you’re applying, and the new Taptic Engine provides a click sensation when you press anywhere on the surface. Now the click that once was a single, mechanical function is just the start of what you can do with Force Touch.

Pretty sure the question is whether the 2017 MacBook has a Touch Bar that the MacBook Pro’s do for the last few models.

The answer is no, the 2017 MacBook does not have a touch bar as none were manufactured with this feature.

Thank you for the help answering the question!!