Apple 12" Intel Core M 256G SSD Macbooks

I got mine last time around. It arrived quickly and I was very pleasantly surprised with how good this thing looked. These look new. Down to the Apple plastic wrap all around the notebook. I had to charge the laptop before using it. Took about 30min to get it from 0% to 40%. Takes just a few minutes to setup and update. VERY surprised with how fast this notebook is. I run several apps at one time and it handles it with no issue. Bootup takes seconds. Best ultra portable notebook I’ve ever had by far.

This is the 2nd or 3rd time these have been on Woot in the last couple of months. I think they took a $100 price cut this time around, though, does anyone recall if these were $950 last time these were on sale? They don’t have the 256GB Refurb 2015 model on the Apple site today for comparison.

Apple actually does have 256GB models up now (they didn’t yesterday). They are $929.

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Been using one of these for most of a year, and it’s just a great, great little laptop.

I thought I would miss a bigger screen, but the Retina is so sharp and clear, I don’t.

Also the SSD makes the relatively lightweight processor more than adequate.

Lighter than a spiral notebook.

The keyboard is seriously the best I’ve ever used.

I bought 3 of these laptops, only one is functioning and that one I gave as a gift. The other 2 were to replace my MacBook Pro, the first one I ordered was non functional and Woot refunded that one. A few weeks later they had the same offer and bought another one. This second one also no functional. Just contacted Woot customer service