Apple 12" Intel Core M 512G SSD Macbooks


Folks, if you are going to spend a grand on a Mac… go to Apple’s Outlet page and get an apple certified refurb Macbook Pro or Macbook Air for the same-ish price.
There’s both 11 and 13" Air’s and even a 13" Pro right now for the same price or less than these hunks of junk.

Macbook (with no Air or Pro after it) is nothing but a glorified Netbook. Shame on Apple for making them.

I could not disagree more. These are truly great machines for business travelers like myself. After 6 months having one, I don’t think I’d ever go back to a MacBook Air.

-No more power brick to carry around, I can just use my Anker iPhone charger

  • Retina screen makes a huge difference for reading and color balance

  • Amazing keyboard. They keys are 30% bigger, perfect for my oversized hands

  • Excellent Wifi, I’d say these have a better wifi connection than the desktop at my office.

  • Great speaker system, probably the best I’ve ever heard from a Mac laptop. It’s so good that I use it instead of a portable speaker on the road.

  • Actually opens fully on a coach tray table in a comfortable position. (13" Air had a bezel that prevented this)

I second that! These are beautiful machines. Best notebook on the market for business travelers. Besides an amazing work laptop, these are awesome to watch a movie on while sitting in bed. Bigger screen then an iPad without adding too much weight. I just ordered another one (the wifey to control of mine). Can’t wait to get it.

I’ll take the middle ground. Yes the form factor (aside from the single USB-C port) is great - highly portable with a great screen and keyboard. I do find myself using mine for tasks I used to use my iPad for.

But they’re also underpowered - I get far too many spinning cursors and outright hangs when I have a lot of windows open.

In other words, you’ll probably want/need another computer for “real work” if you do much more than email or browse the web.

Another form over function Apple toy. Pass.