Apple 12" Intel Core M 512G SSD Macbooks

So these can be had for $1,189 at Apple’s refurbished site right now. For $40 more I might get this from Apple and be sure of the warranty.

Or does anyone know if refurbished “not from Apple” Macbooks come with the Apple warranty? Ones from Apple definitely do. This seems to come with a 1 year Woot warranty. Think I’d prefer an Apple one.

Apple store is $140 higher, not $40. I got mine from Woot last time around. These look like they are new. Fully wrapped in plastic sheet around the notebook just like they would if new. Just had to charge the battery for about 30min and then I was off and running. Besides the keyboard, there’s no moving parts (ie mechanical drive or fan) so the warranty isn’t really an issue for me. No moving parts really limited the number of issues.

Ive purchased computers from WOOT! before, and been happy with them all. Unlike many other sites, the WOOT! computers all look new, with no dings or dents or scratches. I wanted a refurbished Macbook anyway (I NEVER buy new computers any more! At the speed that tech changes, they are a waste of money), and was going to buy it from APPLE, then I saw that WOOT! had the SAME ONE for $140 less! it was a no-brainer!

Is there an option for AppleCare…? Is it there and I’m just not seeing it? I want a new travel computer, but need to know there will be help if (when is more like it) needed…?

We can’t guarantee customer can get AppleCare for these. We recommend contacting Apple first before buying if this is a deal-breaker.

No moving parts like cpu fans and hard disk drives equals much lower causes of issues. I bought one and was very pleasantly surprised in the refurb quality. If I had to guess, I’d say these were actually new. Warranty is a drag that AppleCare is not included, but I fell very good about my purchase even without apples warranty. At least I don’t have to go to a crowded mall to have some teenage geek tell me I was doing something wrong. I have a wife for that.