Apple 12" Intel Core M 512G SSD Macbooks

FFS, Woot. It used to be that your Apple refurbs were only slightly cheaper than getting them from Apple itself (once you added a SquareTrade warranty to match the 1-year that comes with Apple’s).

But now you’re not even trying. This exact same Macbook is CHEAPER from Apple.

$1,189 from Apple (actually refurbed by Apple, 1-year Apple warranty + AppleCare)

$1,240 from Woot (after ponying up for SquareTrade, NOT refurbed by Apple, no AppleCare)


Woot just becomes another retail site since owned by Amazon. I haven’t bought anything from Woot for years.

Ummm… Why would you buy a 1yr warranty for an item with a 1yr warranty? That’s a bit redundant. So without adding the warranty, Woot’s still $130 less than Apple. I bought mine from Woot about 4 months ago. The thing showed up in same as new condition. Looked perfect and works like a charm.