Apple 12" Intel Core M3 256G SSD Macbooks

An Apple product on the front page of Woot is one of the most disappointing F5s possible. It’s like a Roomba or Dyson fan.

Is it possible to add the AppleCare+ coverage to this from Apple? Would they allow it?

That’s up to Apple. Best to contact them directly.

Any idea what year this laptop came out? I see some sites selling Macs from 2012 for $500+ which is absurd.

They could add PayPal but won’t let you pay and take advantage of the extended credit. Their loss especially this time.

Read the title again.

Everything looks fine…


That looks to be a weak processor…8GB…SSD and then that processor…Really???

Not terrible…But if you were going to spend the money when this wasn’t on Woot…for the 100 bucks…I guarantee you upgraded the processor when specifying the system…Or this could be an educational SKU that just did not sell because of that issue also…

Not terrible…Most people just want more “muscle” for 900…

So I have one of these and it’s surprisingly capable – looks slow on paper, feels fast when you use it. I wouldn’t do heavy sound recording or video editing but for everyday word processing & web browsing it feels downright zippy.

I wouldn’t buy this unless you can get Apple Care with it, though. Keyboards are a weak spot with these – look up “butterfly keyboards.” I’ve already had mine replaced. And this is a VERY expensive repair if not done under warranty.

If you can get the coverage, though, this is a light and fast notebook with a great screen. Two pounds! I like mine quite a bit.

What’s the model number?

Says “2017”.

For the keyboard issue specifically, the keyboard replacement program should cover it for 4 years (so until 2021 for this model), regardless of warranty status.

Click on it, says 2017 on the top. I agree, if it was a 2012 id pass. 2017 for that price? i bought it after looking over the stats of the new ones. I don’t see any difference and am thinking this is the current generation.

$899 isn’t a bad price for this. It’s the same model Apple sells for $1099 on their own refurbished used page.

I would also like to know!
Is this a new in box machine?
Does it come with AppleCare+ for one year as standard when purchased through Apple or another retailer?

Apple simply sells outdated technology at a premium price. It’s simply what they do. “Looks slow on paper, but surprisingly” <- lol, slow on paper means slow in life. Benchmarks exist for reasons. M3-7Y32 is one of the weakest processors on the market. You can compare it to a bottom end i5 processor except for the fact that the i5 will be faster. Pair that up with fancy DDR3 memory and you’re ready to rock your way to 2015 notebook technology!

You can get a 17" gaming laptop with a 7700k processor and GTX580 graphics card for this price range, or a slow 12" apple.

you can also get a hooker with a gram of powder for same price. yer point?

Really want this but a few questions:

  1. Is this the latest model? I know it says mid 2017 but is it the same one Apple sells new for $1299 currently?

  2. Is this a new, unopened item?

Feel better now?

Per the bright gold box in the features:

These Macbook are NEW in condition, but come with a Woot warranty. This is why we can offer a discount. These were originally intended as warranty replacements, and held by Apple to support their customers. Now we offer them to you!