Apple 12" Intel i5 512GB MacBooks (2017)

Apple 12" Intel i5 512GB MacBooks (2017)

$1K for an under-powered computer is reasonably priced? Only in iCrap land.

Mac users don’t buy Macs for power. They love the name and the GUI.

Recently I was involved in a multi-site webcast where various laptops were used. The Mac could not keep up with the frame rate and was admonished by the person handling the video feeds. “Next time, please don’t use your Mac.” Who knows, maybe it was an i3.

Wasn’t this the same Mac that Woot had for $849 about 2 weeks ago. I think they just re-listed it at a higher price to take advantage of last minute christmas shoppers!

I just checked and we sold these on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for the same price as we are now. We sell a lot of Macs so maybe you’re thinking of a different one?

December 5 is last-minute?

The MacBook they were selling before was the Core-M version. This is the Core i5 version.

That being said, it has nearly the same Passmark rating as my 2012 MacBook Air. Ouch.

Is it a 2.5 GHz or 1.3 GHz? in the specs (what’s in the box) its a 2.5 but in the description and on the first screen it’s a 1.3???

Hi there. Intel Core i5-7Y54 1.3Ghz is correct. We’re correcting the sale now.

Do you know if you’ll be offering this deal again soon? I missed it by a couple of hours and I would really like to get this deal.

Maybe? Watch the site. We don’t plan sales very far out in advance so it’s hard for me to know.