Apple 12" Intel i5 512GB MacBooks (2017)



Apple 12" Intel i5 512GB MacBooks (2017)


Price Drop!

Now this is the way you start a Monday morning! We’ve dropped the price so go buy ALL the Macbooks!!


Dropped the price? I purchased this same MacBook from Woot in September for 999 new!


Interesting, do these actually work? Or are they like the “refurbished” MacBook paper weight I bought from Woot last month that was DOA? Still haven’t been able to get help from Woot’s partner vendor. (Who in the crap has “customer service” only from the hours of 9-3p.m. five days a week?) If I knew then what I knew now, I’d run away from this “deal” as fast as I could.


Hello there. I’m sorry for the problem with your last Macbook. We have 24/7 customer service but the phone access is limited to when trained personnel are available. Thank you!