Apple 12" Intel i5 512GB MacBooks (2017)

Apple 12" Intel i5 512GB MacBooks (2017)

My 2012 Macbook Pro (2.5 GHz Intel Core i5) is on its last legs. Broken screen (I have it plugged into an external monitor), and who knows how much longer the hard drive will hold out…

Is this Intel i5 2017 Macbook going to do the trick? Is the processor an upgrade at all? Will it feel speedier because of the flash memory as opposed to my current hard drive?

Or if I can get by with 256GB of memory, could I even be OK with the $759.99 2017 m3 Macbook that Woot is also offering up today?

What do you think?

The MacBook is not a heavy hitter but it is in no way a slouch. I have owned 3 and been very happy with the performance. I actually prefer the taller aspect ratio of the screen.
BUT - be aware that when Apple sells a computer without it’s own warranty they are divorcing themselves completely from any liability. My current MacBook came from woot with a 90 day warranty. 15 months later the keyboard is exhibiting the now famous failure - keys that when pressed do nothing (hey, who needs a space bar, the letter “a”, or the down arrow). Apple says “no free keyboard swap” like normal out of warranty MacBooks. $949 for 15 months of use is a bit much. This is the first keyboard issue I have had while owning several 2015~2017 Macs and I feel disabused by Apple and especially Woot at not fully explaining the implications of a 90 Woot warranty.
Bottom line: be an informed consumer and weigh the savings vs the potential downsides.


Tallman is spot on. I would be very hesitant to buy an Apple product that isn’t supported by Apple. Check their own refurb store; I bet you’ll find comparable deals there. Even if you pay a couple hundred more, it’ll be worth it.

As for performance, I think it all comes down to what you use your Mac for. As a developer who frequently runs multiple virtual machines and who also likes to edit photos and videos, I like having the extra oomph of a MacBook Pro, and an iMac. For me, a MacBook Nothing (which is what some call these 12" machines) would never cut it. If you edit documents and do light photo editing, this would be perfectly sufficient.

That said, when my early-2011 MBP finally died a few months ago, I found a reputable seller on eBay and picked up a mid-2015 15" MBP for $1300 that’s fully loaded with the top-end processor, 1tb SSD, and 16gb of RAM. The machine runs flawlessly. For my needs, I wouldn’t consider an $800 low-end MacBook. I’d pay more for something beefier. You could probably find a used 13" with better specs comparably priced. The only real upshot of the 12" MacBook is the ultra-portability. The thing is tiny!

Almost all manufacturers absolves themselves when it comes to products refurbished by any company other than their own.

FWIW, it can be noted that even Apple’s replacement can succumb to the same issues:

The real ouch here is that Apple made the keyboard integral to the chassis and thus, “unrepairable”. Most other manufacturers make their keyboards a replaceable component.

And yet, in the keyboard instance Apple will replace the keyboard on an “Apple Refurbished” or “purchased new”, bought from Apple, even after the warranty expires, acknowledging a responsibility to their customers. I love the MacBook but I would have weighed the savings versus warranty a bit closer had I known. Similar examples of Apple’s responsible behavior was exhibited when the anti-reflection coating on the 2012/2013 Retina Display MacBook Pros wore off prematurely. Is a rock solid warranty worth $350 to you? When almost any repair involves replacing at least 20% of the computer and a lot of bench time, the down side is painful. The keyboard issue is debris related and can be avoided, but the wiggly hinge my unit developed is less avoidable.