Apple 12" Intel M3 256GB MacBooks (2017)

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Apple 12" Intel M3 256GB MacBooks (2017)
Price: $899.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Oct 15 to Tuesday, Oct 16) + transit
Condition: New


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not a bad deal. i’d get one if i wasn’t unemployed.

They’ve run this same deal multiple times this last month or so so I bet it pops up the future again

Get me a 13in MacBook pro deal already!!

Right now Apple’s technology is strictly limited to a single USB port but…

I predict that someday soon Apple’s technology will improve to the point where they will be able to offer not only 2 USB ports but also a dedicated power port as well as a built in micro SD card reader

But that is straight up Science Fiction… 2 USB ports from Apple

PS… I’m talking about the Macbook not the MB Pro

Do these laptops even work? It’s such a good deal I can’t believe it

I’ve bought this twice now; they have it on here allllll the time. Both times I had to return because they didn’t work properly. Finally, after NEVER seeing the Mac Air (13") come on here, I broke down and bought one. Night & Day! The Macbook Air works flawlessly and as it should. I’d recommend getting it and NOT this one. You get so much more bang for your buck with the 13", starting with the obvious, which is PORTS.

I’ve bought this twice and returned it. Pinch & Zoom worked sporadically, which was a nightmare as you need it working on a 12"

If I bought another macbook it would be an air… as loaded as possible

I bought this last time it was up. Mine is brand new as described. Came sealed in the box Apple uses for warranty replacements, as described. I honestly couldn’t be happier.

I bought two for work. The keyboard on the first one broke after a couple of months.

Anybody know if it’s possible to purchase Apple Care warranties for these?

Macbook Air or 2014 Macbook Pro for the better screen and same ports as Air.

I have a 2015 first gen model purchased from an Aple store. Got one of these latest gen last week from woot. Brand new, faster processor, new better keyboard. Came new in Apple warranty replacement box, sealed, with Apple labels. It’s an awesome deal. Loaded newest OSX , microsoft office, onedrive, etc. so much lighter and better scren than an Air. You’ll be happy.

You cannot. It will come up as warranty expired and ineligible in Apple’s system.

My i5 version that I purchased from woot last month is working wonderfully.

Do they ever offer the 16 GB Ram version

I bought the deal on the 512g version a few weeks ago. This thing is great! I use it mainly for casual use, but I log into WOW occasionally to mess around. The settings aren’t very high but it works well enough.

It should be noted I dropped it on the 2nd day owning it, it fell on the corner of the screen, it didn’t crack, just dented a little. I’m very pleased!

Hello, does yours come in a brown box or apple original white box sealed? also how is warranty info - can you check that online? thanks so much in advance!

Hello, does yours come in a brown box or apple original white box sealed? also how is warranty info - can you check that online? thanks so much in advance!