Apple 12" Intel M5 512GB MacBooks (2017)

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Apple 12" Intel M5 512GB MacBooks (2017)
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90 Day Woot Warranty? No AppleCare+ available for extra cost on this? What gives? What is the source of a New MacBook, but no possibility of AppleCare+? Maybe warranty replacement stock that was not needed?

what is the model number?

Yep you got it.

From the specs, I believe it is this one.

Q? Why do men always want to put USB ports on things… why can’t thay be happy with the ones thay hax?

Why would you ever want any more than the almighty provides? The Apple giveth and taketh USB away…

This is it on the Apple refurb site.

You can buy the square trade protection plan. If that is a reasonable substitute for apple care.

IMO, Square Trade is not even close to the same thing.

The product says 2017, but the “m5” model does not exist in the official 2017 intel core model released by Apple.

You mean “i5” and you mistyped it as “m5”?
Or is the 2016 model “m5” right?
I want to buy it, but I want it to be accurate.

As far as I can tell, this appears to be the current model. But the processor info is confusing things. The mid 2017 model didn’t have an M5, that I saw.

Actually, there is no m5-7Y54, there is only the i5-7Y54. However, with the Kaby Lake processors, Intel got rid of the m5 and m7 nomenclature and instead added a Y to the processor name to indicate the 4.5 watt processor. This appears to be the i5-7Y54 which is really the M5 Kaby Lake processor (the 2017 version laptop).

is it an i5 processor or an m5, currently the 2017 model comes with an m3, i5 or i7. By the other hand the 2016 model comes with m3, m5

I bought one of the 2016 12" Mac Books from Woot bak in November or so. The M5 is a mobile Celeron class of processor, not in the Core-i -series. It IS a low-end processor and not very fast. But this is MacOS, not Windows, and Unix varients like MacOS don’t need as much CPU horsepower for basic needs. And this is not a “Pro” machine. The M5 processor is fast enough for office-type applications, playing music, converting or ‘ripping’ music (a bit more slowly), and watching video online. The 12" retina display is VERY nice to look at, except that at age 60, I need bigger displays. 512GB is the right size SSD to get. The biggest advantage of the 12" MB is that it is small enough and light enoough to really carry around, without sacrifice screen appearance, as you would with a chrome book or HP Stream.
The 2016 ones, had the same limited (Woot) warranty. They were brand new machines that Apple had kept in reserve as warranty replacements. Since Apple was releacing their warranty replacements, how could they offer AppleCare(warranty replacement) on those machines? Keep in mind that Apple Notebook machines now use a “monolithic system board” design, repair is a remanufacture process, so they’d just do swaps with data transfer in-store. (If you want that, you’re willing to pay several hunderd more…) Monolithic design means fewer failures and better battery…
You need to get a bit creative with one of these, due to lack of ports. I need lots of ports. I believe Apple’s thinking is that every connection is a point of failure and a drain on limited power reserve. They Apple business model is Use The Network, they provide iCloud and several Gig for free. For this unit and my MBP, I created my own TimeMachine backup and file sharing server from a $35 RaspberryPi and a Costco+Seagate 4TB disk, just using some how-to’s from the internet.

I believe any college student would be thrilled to have one of these to take to classes and write their papers on.

…my 2c…

They have updated it. It seems the m5 was a typo. It is in fact an i5!

10.12.5 is Sierra, not High Sierra. The current released version is macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra.

M5 was a typo y’all! Sorry about that. This is an i5!

The woot listing says “2.5GHz (Turbo up to 3.10 GHz)”.

However, there is no 2017 i5 MacBook with those CPU speeds.

The only ones I can find are (1.3/Turbo 3.2) and (1.4/Turbo 3.6) models.

Can woot elaborate or clarify?

Yep, it’s 1.3GHz (Turbo up to 3.10GHz). Sorry about that. We fixed it in the specs.