Apple 12" Intel Core M5 512G SSD Macbooks

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Apple 12" Intel Core M5 512G SSD Macbooks
Price: $999.99
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The listed bundled OS number is wrong, it says “MacOS 11.4 El Capitan” but if it is El Capitan then the number is “Mac OS X 10.11”.

That old OS will probably not be receiving security updates for much longer, but that’s OK because these Macs can be upgraded for free to the latest macOS, including the upcoming macOS 10.14 Mojave which will be released this fall.

I need a new Mac but these MacBooks are too old and under-powered for what I do. They are fine as casual laptops though, and I would recommend them to my friends and family who don’t do much more than web surfing, writing, movie watching, and light media editing. Gamers should avoid.

There’s a joke in there somewhere

Seriously, you would recommend folks to part with $1000 for a casual laptop? Instead of half that coin for a more powerful windows laptop for casual use? Wow.

I have a 2017 MBP that I use daily. I’m thinking that the MB here is from the same vintage. I’m a fair, but not great typist and I find the new butterfly keys unworkable. Locating and holding onto the home row reliably requires attention, instead of “simply working,” the way it did on all my previous MBP models. At the office, I’ve substituted a Logitech K811 and mouse. At home, I curse the “flat keyboard.” And don’t forget … stories of reliability issues are legion. So, if this is your huckleberry, I’d plan on either finding love for the new keyboard style, or being prepared for alternatives.

Can AppleCare be added after purchase?

Apple has acknowledged that the butterfly keyboard on these computers is defective and have agreed to repair or replace the keyboard at no charge. I’ve had my machine for less than 6 months and the keyboard is a real problem. I can’t believe Woot is selling a machine that will need to go to Apple for repairs right out of the box. Buyer beware!!!

FYI…I had to backspace and retype this message several times because of keyboard problems. (Right shift key rarely works, random keys don’t work at random times on random days). Don’t buy this machine at any price.

I think he means for those engrossed in the Apple community. Any family member with an iphone I try to convince to go to Apple for the desktop and laptop solutions…mainly cause i don’t use Apple and it saves me the phone calls on how to fix their PC :slight_smile:

Mostly in this community we complain, but in fairness we should look at why this MacBook is a good deal.

Apple has put far more effort into Mac <–> iPhone/iPad/iPod interoperability than ANY other vendor. “Good” interop beats any “great” single app every time.

It is very thin (compact, lightweight), has an SSD (and 512GB at that!), no fans (the case is the heat sink), very good battery life, and it is part of the Apple ecosystem (Facetime, iTunes, etc). You are far more likely to carry this along and have it when you want or need it, than anything bigger.

MacOS has features like disk encryption built-in, and has had it for at least 10 years (mature, not buggy). Technologies like BlueTooth are far easier to use pair with MacOS than any OEM tool under Windows.

If you’ve never used MacOS, this is a great entry-level machine.

If you are concerned that you won’t be able to do ‘stuff’ you are used to under Windows, take a look at VMware Fusion, Parallels, (pay) and (free) to run Windows and Win Apps under MacOS. If you don’t want to buy a license for Windows, take a look at for info on getting Windows install media and avoiding or deferring activation.

I have one of these, a MBP and two Mac Mini desktops - love 'em all. (I also like and use Windows and Linux daily.)

Apple products “Just work”.

Maybe? That would be up to Apple.

Not to get into a debate about Windows vs. Mac, but this is a fantastic little Macbook that’s lightweight and perfect for traveling. I have a touchbar MBP that I’m running things like ZBrush (3D modeling) and Final Cut Pro, but I was also able to run those on my 2012 MacBook Pro and 2013 iMac just fine. And like someone else said, my Apple stuff “just works.”

For Mac users, a $1000 price point is a good deal. But then again, we tend to hold onto our hardware a little longer than PC users. I find that my Macs usually have newer technology included standard that would be an upgrade on a PC, and that has always been a reason that my Macs aren’t obselete in two years. Even as a previous model, this computer is still relevant. The Retina display ROCKS. My husband has a MacBook Air without it, and I have to say that’s a “must have” in my book these days…so much easier on the eyes.

To get something with a better screen on the PC side, you might choose something like an 12.5” HP Folio…but with a 256GB SSD drive (half the size of this one) and comparable processor, you’re paying something like $1,300. (Source, B&H Photo)

This would also make a good Windows notebook…just load Boot Camp and your copy of Windows, and you never even have to run it as a Mac (beware…it can still get a virus running Windows on a Mac). At least your hardware will all be compatible with the OS. BTW, Texas A&M’s business school had an entire lab of Macs running only Windows because it eliminated hardware incompatibilities. Options like VMWare would allow you to run both operating systems simultaneously.

This little guy is nothing to sneeze at! Would be a great computer for a college student, too!

What’s a computer?

Find me one with a similar form factor and specs for $500. Mine goes everywhere with me. It’s the size of an iPad and a full-fledged computer. The only windows laptop that competes is the XPS and they’re about the same money. Mac’s touchpad is also the only “usable” one. Also, RDP for mac works great. I RDP into any windows machines that I need.

Currently use a 2008 MacBook Pro daily (10 years old, to save you the math) as well as a 2016 model my company provided me. This is a good deal, and if I needed an upgrade I would jump on it. Macs just work, and the lifecycle is way better than Windows. As they say, “once you’ve gone Mac, you’ll never go back”

What a huge disappointment! I’ve been looking for a deal like this for a while. Woot shipped me a first generation (2015) MacBook with only 256GB. Not only was it an awful machine, it was used with tape residue on top- partially rippedup and sticky! It came rattling in the box- naked laptop and power adapter in some bubble wrap.

So they’re graciously taking it back, but seriously? Never again.