Apple 13.3" i7 Macbook Air (Early 2014)

Is this a good deal? Hardly. For relatively little more investment you could buy a new or refurb MBA from Apple or other authorized sources and get a full warranty rather than a beat-up MBA with no meaningful warranty that you can’t even use right out of the box.

Is this a ripoff? Hardly. Woot is VERY upfront about what’s needed to make it work, and they provide a link with instructions and sources before just about anything else. A ripoff would be if they sold it to you as a working computer, or at least if they didn’t give the warning that it doesn’t use a typical off-the-shelf SSD. That’s not what they did. Bad pricing isn’t the same as a ripoff.

worst. deal. ever.

the person that bought these for woot made an error of epic proportions

I would like to point out that this is an i7, 8GB RAM, early 2014 MBA (unless there is a typo in the sales add). Including the price of an SSD, about $150, you have a steal for a deal for ~$830. They hold their value really well (check out Ebay sold listing for 8GB i7 MBA, or any other Mac for that matter) because it’s an Apple, and a refurb OF SAME SPEC will set you back about $1400 direct from Apple, and somewhere between $1000-1400 from a third party.

If you are willing to roll up your sleeves, and perform quite a bit of Googling if this is your first time trying something like this, you can save quite a bit of money on what looks to be top of the line MBA.

Apple has not updated the MBA in a while so the specs are already 2 Gens behind current Windows counterparts, 4K Intel instead of 6K, but it’s OS X so it will still run pretty well. At work I have a 2010 MBA, still runs like a champ, but it’s one of the more basic ones with a i5 & 4GB RAM.

Hopefully this helps anyone still looking at this. I would pick one up, but Apple, and I don’t need one.


Hi, tattle, thanks for re-enforcing my point. While above poster has stated it is so clear that you need to click through two pages to find out that a new ssd costs 347.99, it is clear from your comment that it is not at all obvious.

So the price to pay is not about 800 as you believe, but about 1050. A rip off in my books. Welcome to Woot.