Apple 13.3” Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro

These are officially only upgradable to El Capitan (osx10.11) unless you want to try a patch tool for Sierra.

These can be upgraded to 8GB of RAM and the SATA-1 HDD can be replaced with a SSD. This hardware could be handy if you have a compelling need for Firewire 800. Like plugging in that old LaCie drive that you’ve been hauling around not sure if it’s just old tax returns and lolcats or something more important like old family photos.

These would also be useful to re-create university undergraduate study hall scenes from 2009-2011 with authentic hardware set decor for a youtube horror series exploring that exact moment when group projects change from irritating assignment to murder…

I had this. upgraded the hard drive to ssd. folks, I couldn’t even properly play 1080p youtube videos without issues. would not recommend

This is a… checks math …ten year old laptop?!

This may be a good option if you need something to play old CD-rom games on

I can appreciate a good crap woot. That’s how we started this whole shebang. But, really? A nearly 10 year old macbook with limited OS support? That is low by even early woot standards. This is a circa 2007, used e-Machines with nicotine stains craigslist level deal, though I kind of appreciate that in a perverse, masochistic way.

Nine years old, but you were close enough.

Yes, this is a nine year old laptop for $259.99–$289.99.

Gotta love that Apple tax.