Apple 13.3" Macbook Pro Retina 256GB

Apple 13.3" Macbook Pro Retina 256GB

Reading the fine print, Mac Warehouse states the “Certified Preloved” warranty covers hardware for 90 days. I am not sure what you get the other 275 days.

It also says, just below the link to the warranty page, (in italics) " *FAQ: Why does the link say 90 days? Mac-Warehouse extends the warranty to 1 Year for all Woot purchases. Yay!"

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it’s so damn annoying that the year of manufacture (a pretty damn significant factor) is not provided; not just in this case, but most times.

I’m pretty sure they offer a two year warranty on their web-site which sounds much better than the so called upgraded 1 year warranty being offered on woot ?
Quote from Mac-Warehouse:

" We back all our products with a 90-day warranty* and excellent customer service. The warranty begins the date the order is delivered.

As of Nov. 14, 2018, instead of the standard 90-day warranty, our Certified Preloved™ Apple iMacs and MacBooks now come with a 2-year warranty. Only iMacs and MacBooks purchased on or after this date will be covered under this new 2-year warranty.

**This product has been meticulously inspected and tested by Mac-Warehouse Apple Certified Technical team. It has been officially “Certified Preloved” by Mac-Warehouse."

I do understand what you’re saying but the year of manufacture is listed on the headline description of every one of these ? Just saying.

do’h! you are correct sir. i missed it in the headline, and that seems to be the only place where it’s mentionsed

6 year old refurbished (USED) computer for $900, LOL!