Apple 13" Intel i5 MacBook Pro (2017)

Apple MacBooks & MacBook Pro's

Silver only? Pass.

are these eligible for additional Apple Care plan purchases?

Probably not since they don’t have an apple warranty but that’s a question for apple.

Warranty is a deal breaker considering you can’t really repair them yourself and they aren’t exactly known for reliability.

For those of you wondering about the quality of the refurbishing, here are some photos from our vendor of what you’ll be getting:

Pulled the trigger on it. The same model is $400 more on Apple’s website in their refurbished section. It’s $200 less than the new Macbook Air and has 2 more USB-C ports. I’ll post again when it arrives.

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What is the model number?

Seriously, that’s refurbished? I’ve bought numerous refurbs, and they only look like that, new or refurbished by Apple. No 3rd party, has the original sleeve that the pic shows. And the cable shown is new, never opened. Every non-Apple refurb doesn’t include an original box nor original cable.

Ok, got it, these are refurbished by Apple which explains a lot.

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It arrived today. FedEx delivered it to the wrong building. Fortunately I received an email when it was delivered so when it wasn’t in my building’s mailroom I went to the usual places that FedEx and UPS leave packages when they screw up (seriously how hard is it to ready the address on a package? 50 and 60 are different numbers) and a nice person let me retrieve my package.

The computer looks exactly like TTs pictures, brand new but in generic packaging. No problem with set up, it’s currently restoring from a Time Machine back up. So far I am happy.

Oh, and the TAMO USB-C dock that I got from Woot at the beginning of the year is working fine as well.