Apple 13" Intel i5 MacBook Pro (2017)

Apple 13" Intel i5 MacBook Pro (2017)

L@@k at all them holes in the side
Is this thing like a submarine or something?

Yo Dawg… I heard you liked ports so we put ports in your ports so you could dock at the dock

I’m sorry, I had to do it


But would you buy a computer called a “pink lady”?

Maybe not but would you buy an Apple Rambo!


From the sales stats 6 hours in, it looks like the apple rambo would be a more popular option.

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I would have thought a dual core Apple Macbook would be far less expensive since the stripped down macbooks now carry a quad core.

Not that great of a deal. Can get the exact same refurbished model from Apple directly for about $100 more (and you get a 1 year Apple warranty versus a 3 month Woot warranty).