Apple 13" Intel i5 MacBook Pro (2017)

Apple 13" Intel i5 MacBook Pro (2017)

Great laptop as long as you don’t type on it! Get ready for the keyboard to start losing keys in a year!

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Bought one of these from Woot in Dec 2018. 0 problems with the keyboard. Cost a lot more then :frowning:

I know it is comparing (literally) Apples and oranges, but I find it fascinating the range of laptops (new and refurb) on Woot.

Today I expect to receive my HP convertible student-hardened model with touch screen, Gorilla Glass, Win 10, SSD , etc. for $249. For my needs, it is just fine.

I have worked with iMacs, etc. and a couple of older Apple laptops as well as a number of laptops running Linux Mint. Each has it’s advantages. I like how Apple software installation works.

I am wondering what specific uses this model offers to command the price as a “refurb?”

Hopefully the refurbing was putting on a better keyboard. Quite the disaster for Apple.