Apple 13" Intel i5 MacBook Pro (2019)

Apple 13" Intel i5 MacBook Pro (2019)

Has anyone purchased a MacBook from Woot before? I’m curious on people’s experience.

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I did and I have zero complaints with how the Macbook works but for the price here, just buy a 2020 Macbook Pro new and get their Applecare Plus - it’ll cover you much more in-depth than this.

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Don’t buy this! The same 4 Thunderbolt port version, on Apple official refurbished store, is sold for $1269. A third party warranty for $100 less is not worth the official warranty, plus the keyboard extended warranty.
Said it before and saying it again - Don’t buy MacBook (or even Apple products) on woot!


Should be a betting pool for when Woot offers its last “butterfly keyboard” Macbook. 2028? 2030?

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What leads you to believe any “keyboard extended warranty” wouldn’t apply to this laptop that would apply to the one purchased from Apple? The eligibility from their website says “The program covers eligible MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro models for 4 years after the first retail sale of the unit.”

The one on is a 2018 Macbook Pro. The one Woot is selling is a 2019 Macbook Pro. So the base clock is 1 MHz slower and the boost is 3 MHz slower. They are selling the same model as Woot, but it is $1,359.00. So it’s a $190 difference.

As teachers have told me before - Please check your work before posting things as fact!

Looking over both warranties (Apple refurb and Woot), they seem basically identical. The 2019 models on Apple’s site are just a couple hundred more dollars. Is there something I’m missing?

I’ve bought 2 - a 12" MacBook and a 15" MacBook Pro (2019) - which I’m typing this on.

Both of them were “Refurbished by Apple” models - my understanding is they are new machines they kept on hand for warranty replacements and don’t need anymore.

Both of them were brand new - other than the plain box - and excellent.

You bought those from Woot? As other people mention, my biggest concerns with these are the keyboard. I have 2017 Macbook Pro 13, and it develops key stickiness for 3 times now. So I am not super comfortable pulling a trigger. Though jump from dual core in 2017 to quad core in 2019 is extremely nice

They did make some changes to the butterfly switches on the 2019 model, but it still has the butterfly switches. From the Apple article they will fix the keyboard from 4 years from initial purchase. So hopefully that means 3+ years they will fix it if needed.

If your 2017 is going strong I might wait until the 2020 models are here in another year since they have a new keyboard.

NO THANK YOU $ :arrow_up:

Why do people come on here and trash the website? It is a discount website!! I personally feel no allegiance to this website, especially since it’s a subsidiary of Amazon, but there are conscientious and hardworking people who do a really nice job of helping us as customers and the constant public complaining has to wear them down after awhile. If you want the finest product and all the bells and whistles THEN PAY FULL PRICE!! That is how it works. Don’t expect Dom Perignon quality when you’re paying Moet prices. If you don’t like the price or don’t like the website then don’t use it, but for god’s sake please stop griping all the time!!


If you’re talking about the 256GB model, it sells for $1359 on Apple’s Certified Refurbished store:

Did you get Applecare with those? Did it activate the day you registered the machine?

I would only buy laptops/computers that were refurbished from the factory. It’s pretty rare to see Apple refurb Macbooks here. Usually third party. But this particular laptop. But this item is listed as brand new. I’m guessing these are warranty replacement units, since they don’t come with Apple warranty.

I also agree with the other poster… you should skip this one. The new Macbook Pro laptops are out… better keyboard, newer processor, and within the same price range as this one listed on Woot.

This one isn’t new. Woot has sold new /w Woot warranty several times in this past. This one is Apple refurbished w/ Woot warranty.

" Listen up! These MacBooks are Refurbished by Apple, but do not come with an Apple Warranty. In this case, we’re backing them with a 1 Year Woot Warranty. They will come packaged in a generic white box."

You could either get a brand new or a open box unit that looks as new.
The savings are not as big as it seems.
It is just $30 on the 256GB unit and $100 on the 512GB unit.

i bought one of the 2018 13" macbooks about a month and a half ago. it was an apple refurb. clearly it had been sitting in a warehouse for 2 years and the battery was dead. had to pay apple $230 to replace the battery, but woot gave me $200 back. since i used my apple credit card to pay for the battery replacement, i got 3% cash back. that plus the original 1% cash back made the battery replacement a wash.

That’s with only a 256g SSD. The one Woot’s offering is 512G.

Because these MacBook Pros are dumped by Apple to side channel, they specifically banned these MacBook Pros from receiving ANY official service including Exchange and Repair Extension Programs, if you go to Apple Store and ask Genius to lookup the serial number, their Mobile Genius app will show “This product is sold ASIS and without complimentary support. Purchase date cannot be changed. Do not sell product.” And I’ve had first hand experience in dealing with them with a MacBook with faulty keyboard from similar channel.
So yeah, you’re welcome about the free schooling about Apple refurbished products.