Apple 13" Intel i5 MacBook Pro (2019)

Apple 13" Intel i5 MacBook Pro (2019)

If this is a mid 2019 MacBook pro (May 2019), shouldn’t it have the 4th generation butterfly keyboard?

How can this be called a deal? Same spec refurbished laptop from Apple costs less money. In fact, similar spec laptops from Apple on a brand new Macbook Pro (with faster processor) are $50-$100 more than what is advertised as a deal here. B&H Photo has brand new Macbook Pros for less money than advertised here for these refurbished ones.

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I spent a moderate amount of time searching.

Apple doesn’t have the 13.3" model at all in their Clearance store.

I couldn’t find one on B&H cheaper as you mentioned with the same specs.

I just checked apple refurbished store at ( and the same spec laptop sells for $1099

Different processor though, right? Ours is i5 2.4GHz. Those are 1.4GHz.

Can you tell me what condition/grade these refurb macs are? Are they “A” or “B” or scratch and dent?


These are Grade A.

Are these really refurbished by Apple? If so should he in perfect condition with their refurb box and warranty from apple right?

We stated it because, yes they are refurbished by Apple. We can get better pricing by carrying the warranty.

Sounds fishy as Apple refurb products can’t have the warranty removed for a cheaper price. Guess Macrumors was right about Woot