Apple 13" Intel i7 512GB SSD MacBook Air

All of these are Apple Certified Refurbished? I’ve purchased such units before (albeit directly from Apple) and they’ve worked great.

These are all Mid 2012 or Mid 2013 REFURB models?? At these prices???
Nope, NO DEAL. Not worth the price for these old refurb models.

These are not Apple Certified refurbished.

Most systems of comparable weight and price nowadays are coming with a Core-M. The 2.0 GHz i7-3667u CPU will still smoke any Core M on the market (3940 power rating vs. low 3000s for Core Ms), though it will be more battery hungry.

What you’ll sacrifice vs a new 13" Windows/Linux ultrabook of comparable price: Retina or at least FHD resolution, possibly an hour or two of battery life, touchscreen.

Rumors are that Apple will announce Air and Pro MacBook refreshes within the next few weeks, so since refurbs are constantly entering the supply chain and a refresh will likely drive refurb prices down, you might want to wait a few weeks if the need for a new machine isn’t urgent.

4GB of RAM and not upgradeable. Sorry, this is 2016… 8GB minimum, and !@*#%& you, Apple, for stopping allowing users to upgrade their RAM.

I can’t believe people still buy laptops without a touch screen. Forget the fact that a company still thinks its acceptable to sell a laptop without a touchscreen.

Who wants the added weight of a touchscreen?

Oof. That’s a lot for a 4 yr old laptop. Heck. You can get the non touch del xps 13 i5 current gen for the same price.