Apple 15.4" 512GB Retina Macbook Pro

Are these MacBooks refurbished by Apple or by a 3rd party?

If the manufacturer does the refurbishing, we list the condition as “Manufacturer Reconditioned”.

In this case, since we just list “Refurbished”, that’s indicative of a 3rd party doing the job.

Are any details available from the refurbisher about what parts were replaced or refurbed in this lot?

Unfortunately not, no.

What year was this released?

The title calls out “Early 2013”. Don’t worry, my eyes missed it, too.

Just received mine today that I ordered last week. Refurbished from a company in MS. It didn’t work out of the box. It started and let me register it but it just freezes up when you try to use it. Only a handful of programs run on it and most just freeze if you do manage to get them open. Yay. Left a message with them we’ll see where I get. Pretty disappointed, not a mark on the laptop but clearly they didn’t do anything to it when they got it. Another fine vendor choice by the folks at Amazon/Woot.

Oh man, bummer. Let us know how things pan out!

Hey, sorry about your luck… Hope they make it right.

I received mine the other night, so far seems good. I havent tested everything however. I did notice that the iphoto app is not installed and there doesnt appear to be a way to install it.

This happened to me on a Apple Factory recertified iMac I bought directly from Apple’s refurb store. I found the fix. Go to this link and it’ll walk you through getting iPhoto installed…

They have been refurbished by a company called ComputerLand.

So no Apple warranty, is that correct?

That is correct. This is covered by a 90 day warranty through ComputerLand

Details here