Apple 15.4" Intel i7 512GB Retina Macbook Pro

I paid $2350 for this laptop in November 2013 from B&H Photo.

And you got it new and enjoyed the latest technology. Now it is 3 years later the tech is getting stale and Apple still gets top $$ for ancient tech. No comprehension about this as much as I don’t have any comprehension over the buffoon and the criminal running for president.

And he can sell it now for half of what he paid and have had a top of the line, high-quality machine for three years for $1200. And since it’s well made, if he took care of it it probably still works like new. So the new owner will get $1200 of use out of it over the next 5-6 years.

Meanwhile, people who bought cheaper systems in 2013 are stuck with them, because nobody wants to buy them used for any reasonable amount of money. If they’re lucky they still work correctly. But if they want something new now they spent the same net amount and had a lesser machine this whole time.

Make sense now?

This Woot! seems too expensive to me though. Better to find one of the slightly newer ones with the force touch trackpad, or get a well-kept used one for less.

If this is too expensive, where do you find better deals? My wife has been in the market for a Macbook for months and I haven’t seen any deals that are much better than this. She’s not a power user so she doesn’t need the latest model but she’s pretty intent on sticking with the Apple ecosystem.

I have been rocking this very same model for 3 years now and works like the 1st day. Personally, I wouldn’t buy now because they are going to introduce new laptops at the end of October 2016 that will be driving 5K external displays, among other features.