Apple 15.4" Intel i7 512GB Retina Macbook Pro

Not to drag on Woot here, but this pricing is WAY high. You can get similar, newer models of the MacBook Pro as refurbished/clearance from Apple with a one-year warranty for the same money, and that also allows the option to purchase AppleCare+ for the machine within 60 days.

Every once in a while woot surprises us - I once ordered a refurbished LG tv from woot - come to find out - it was brand new. $300 cheaper than sams club, and brand new. I hope it’s the same deal with this laptop - that it is either brand new (but had to be sold as used because that’s the agreement has with woot) or that it is in grade A condition. Otherwise this deal will not be worth it.

I worry about the warranty of these. I thought “ComputerLand” went out of business years ago. It’s a bit scary buying a $1500 computer from an unknown seller with a 90 day warranty from some unknown guarantor. Woot, any help with feeling safe with these?

Mine arrives Friday - I’ll do a complete breakdown and review and let you know my findings. I am going to slap a squaretrade warranty on it though - just in case.

My computer arrived yesterday - I updated it with a fresh install of Mac OS Seirra and it is purring like a kitten. Some small blemishes around the edges of the case, and one small scratch on the back of the case. None of them are noticeable unless you run your hand on the smooth surface. The glass is perfect with no blemishes, and the battery only had 200 cycles on it. All in all; I feel pretty good about this purchase. Compared to refurbished units directly from apple - I got a better laptop for a cheaper price. (15.4" retina laptops with 512GB ssd, and dedicated graphics card were a couple hundred more - even by tossing on the expense of a two year square trade warranty, I am still ahead).

Woot just dropped the price $120 - now its an even better deal! To bad they just screwed everyone that had already gotten one …

I’m not staff, but while price matching is not guaranteed here, it doesn’t hurt to ask CS if they’ll consider an adjustment.

They took care of the problem to my satisfaction. Thank you woot!