Apple 15.4" 16GB DDR3 Retina Macbook Pro

Not seeing the logic of paying top dollar for 4 year old apple technology. Jeepers you can spend similar coin for nearly up to the second HP or Lenovo technology on this site. I have an iPad, and it is nice, but there is nothing outstanding about it that justifies the apple premium.

It is 4 years old, but it was top of the line at that time - the prices are pretty good in my opinion, and these things last for a long time. The solid state drives alone feel worth it. If I didn’t already have one, I would probably buy it.

Can we upgrade the OS to El capitan?

You shouldn’t have any problem upgrading, my 2009 macbook is running El Cap fine, they have done a really good job of making it work with older systems, and this one isn’t even all that old.

Were these referbed by Apple? Is it a Apple Warranty? If issues with it once I own it will Apple work on it for me if bought through Woot?

You can find details about the warranty at the bottom of the description.

Why does woot! constantly put less-useful information in the item heading when better, more useful information is available?

You decided to include “Retina” which is not part of the actual product name, and isn’t a distinguishing feature of this laptop since every computer Apple has shipped in this chassis has a Retina display. But you have the concise, informative “Mid-2012” you could have included instead, but didn’t. One of those things tells the customer what they’re getting, and the other doesn’t.

This is something that gets pulled with “Quad Core” or other things you put in the title for laptops. Technically true, but not the most useful bit of information you could have included in the same real-estate.

Is the theory that you’ll get a few extra sales to people who won’t realize they’re ordering something older than what they expected to get had they known? And if so, do you think that really satisfies the customer?

The title for this item should be “Apple Mid-2012 MacBook Pro Laptops.”

Good suggestion. I’ve passed it on to the computers team. We’re very limited on the number of characters in the “short” title but it may fit.

Just received the one I picked up only to find it plagued by the 2012 retina image ghosting issue. Hopefully ComputerLand is able to correct the issue. Anyone else hit this issue or have any previous experience purchasing from ComputerLand?

I really like this Macbook Pro Retina laptop. However, I was sent one with only half the storage capacity shown here. I didn’t realize it until 2 months after I received. WOOT did, though, refund me $190 of the purchase price.