Apple 15" 512GB Intel i7 Retina Macbook Pro

Can this be upgraded to Sierra?


Thank you.

I’m not a Mac person, however, my wife is and has begun talking about getting a new laptop.

After reading through the various posts in this forum, I’m more than a bit gun shy about pulling the trigger on one of these. Maybe someone could help me a little…

What kind of value does this Macbook represent or how much money might I be saving?

I guess, if I understand correctly, these are new machines meant to be replacements for other Macnook customers or are they, (as stated) refurbished units? I’ve read where similar Mac products are sold in brown boxes not white, that true here?

Is an extended warranty available, or is the 90 days all that is possible.

Thanks in advance,


Yes, but it’s complicated. The refurbished SSD drive is NOT readily compatible with high Sierra. It requires a complicated firmware update. I got lucky and the Apple store was able to do it for me as it was beyond my skill level.