Apple 15" Intel Core i7 MacBook Pro (2018)


Apple 15" Intel Core i7 MacBook Pro (2018)


There are holes in the side Dear Liza, Dear Liza

What are the holes in the side for… maybe it’s a solar powered notebook and that is how the sunshine gets in or maybe it’s a unicorn fart powered computer and those are thermal exhaust ports? So many questions

It’s a well known fact that Macintosh Computers do NOT include Common Things like USB PORTS… Tsk, Tsk
Therefore it is my conclusion that these “holes” must be manufacturing defects also known as “features”



  1. When Apple sold Macintosh machines in the 1990s, USB devices were not a thing, so yeah, I wouldn’t expect them to have USB ports.

  2. This MacBook Pro utilizes USB Type-C.

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I think something just went over your head


Yeah, that happens more often than you’d think.

I’ve been trying to get the area above my head to be a “no fly zone”, but I’d rather flys than mosquitoes.

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My comment is because I’m still pissed about the Macbook with 1 (one) USB port

The most complete piece of BS since the iPod Shuffle WITH NO F…ING BUTTONS


The holes are actually there so you can whistle and blow your commands into the computer when it’s keyboard Inevitably fails.

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Macbook Pro. Still a better love story than Twilight.


Macs are just PC’s from a deplorable company


This unit has has FOUR combination type-C/Thunderbolt-3 ports. You use one of them as the charging port, but with proper adapters or interfaces, can also run IO through it, while charging from it. USB-C opertores at about 10 (TEN) Gigabits Per Second, which is at least double USB-3 speed. That means you could attach two USB-3 disks to a single port and transfer files directly from one to the other at full bus speed. Thunderbolt-3 is FORTY Gigabits Per Second. You could attach the fastest ethernet or Fibre Channel devices to that port and run then at full speed. The difference between USB-C and and Thunderbolt is that they use active cables that talk to the host and set their speed. There are laws under consideration in the EU to make USB-C the standard power port, replacing Mini-B Micro-B and Lightning and all the proprietary adapters. USB-C is easier to use, because you don’t have to look in the connector and decide if it is up or down before lugging it in. By using USB-C, they’ve provided 4 multi-purpose ports. Less stuff to carry if you go portable, easy hook-up when at your desk. Multi-port hubs are cheap, carrying one USB-C port through, providing card reader, HDMI, and 2 USB-A ports.
This laptop also uses a NVME M.2 SSD, eliminating the SATA interface, and is about ten times faster than SATA. It can “render” a full length movie (convert from one format to another in under four minutes. “Running” a Java program in an IDE, that takes at least thirty seconds on 2-core i5 laptops, takes four seconds on this one. You can now get USB-C drive shells for NVME to expand your storage at really fast speeds.
All things considered, This is the best MacBookPro Apple has ever produced. Just shut up and get one.

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Yeah, but there’s NO FLOPPY!!!


Can you still sign up for AppleCare with these, or is the Woot warranty the only business in town?


Good morning. These would not be eligible for AppleCare.


Just get this along with a USB A to Type C adapter. :laughing:


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can it be shipped to Canada?


Sorry, no.


Is this refurbished by apple or a third party? If third party, what company?


Ooh; with all the latest BS including the infamous defective “butterfly” keyboard. Better allocate an additional $700 for when this puppy breaks…and it will.


I actually need one of these… is this a real thing?
My Dad saved a bunch of stuff to 3.5" floppy



They’re on Amazon and eBay.